Pictures taken by Rob Ashard on Saturday April 1st 2000


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Rob Ashard reporting: The new Eela desk in the Maidstone studio is great to use, has nice long smooth faders and remote starts on each channel. The three MD machines are now along the top in a row rather than stacked to the side which is less confusing.

Today was my first programme since just after Christmas as we went on holiday at the end of January, and then I've had to work a lot of weekends (I'm a sound engineer at London Weekend TV).
Incedentally, these are actually grabbed video frames. I have a new PIII 500 PC with a Miro DC30+ video card for video editing and this alows me to grab the shots, so maybe I'll get you some more up-to-the minute stuff this year too.


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Graham L. Hall on Saturday April 1st 2000



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