Keith 'Keefers' Hampshire remembers his days on the Mi Amigo


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Robbie Dale


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Keefers and Ian MacRae


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Tender Approach(Offshore I)


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Ian MacRae (far left), Steve Young(next to him)


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Tom Edwards and Tommy Vance


kh07.jpg (22413 Byte)

DLT on the approach


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Dave Lee Travis


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Robbie Dale


kh10.jpg (17138 Byte)

Another Tender Approach


kh11.jpg (28240 Byte)

Rick Dane


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Steve Young


kh13.jpg (21366 Byte)

Steve Young again


kh14.jpg (15676 Byte)

DLT escaping from the studio


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The DJs out on deck to welcome visitors, left to right: “Keefers” with his guitar, a Dutch crew-member, Tom Lodge, Nick Bailey, another member of the crew and Mark Sloane.



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