Don Stevens: My time on Radio Caroline

An exclusive interview
















Harwich, Rochester, Southend-on-Sea and Lowestoft:

Ad Roberts (Radio Caroline, Monique, 558/819) reporting

Freddie Schorsch presenting great pictures

Frederic Torck's Easter impressions










Enjoy 78 great pictures from Caroline's offshore heydays



The Caroline Christmas Party 2002



Ross Revenge Open Weekend on September 28th 2002







The Meeting at Herne Bay, Kent, on May 25th 2002



Easter 2002 on the Ross Revenge





The South East Meeting in November 2001







Spending Easter 2001 on the Ross Revenge

A report by Alan Beech, along with 22 pictures by Richard Kuttschreutter



golden.jpg (29272 Byte)



caroplatt.jpg (36481 Byte)


The Caroline Convention 2000 in Gillingham on 12th August 2000


The Caroline Supporters Day in Leeuwarden on August 19th 2000



gillprom.jpg (27799 Byte) suppday.jpg (23615 Byte)


The M.V. Ross Revenge off Queenborough (2nd July 2000)


Amazing pictures from the Maidstone studio


7 brilliant pictures from the Maidstone studio taken by Christian Bergmann in April 2000


New pictures taken by Rob Ashard


Andrew Austin, Bob Le-Roi and Sietse Brouwer at the Amsterdam Radioday



The MV Ross Revenge being towed back to Queenborough on January 8th 2000


The RSL broadcast from Southend in August 1999


The MV Ross Revenge in international waters




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