Pirate BBC Essex on the Ross Revenge

Saturday 26th March 2005


What seemed to be the biggest attraction for visitors to the Ross was on Easter Saturday afternoon when Radio Caroline and the BBC were presenting radio programmes in studios next door to each other. Who would have thought this would ever happen, but it seems that the hatchet has well and truly been buried, in the true spirit of "Loving Awareness". Steve Scruton, Tim Gillet and Ian Wyatt did a four hour revival of last years "Pirate BBC Essex", but this time instead of using the Lightship LV18, they used the old studio on the Ross Revenge (and just played music up to 1965), whilst next door Radio Caroline were using the more spacious, modern and high tech new studio.

Steve Scuton briefly interviewed Peter Moore and thanked him for inviting BBC Essex to use the Ross and his great hospitality. This was a great idea by Peter to get publicity for the station and attract visitors to the Ross, in an effort to gain new members to the RCSG and/or buy merchandise to raise money to get Radio Caroline on the Sky Electronic Programme Guide. By the way, as stated in the well produced promotion featuring the voice of Tom Anderson, existing and new members of the RCSG will receive a special CD video commemorating the 25th anniversary of the sinking of Mi Amigo and new members who joined during the Easter weekend, will be receiving an audio CD containing over an hour of rare recordings of Radio Caroline.

Steve Scuton and his crew had a couple of technical problems in the first part of their programme, but Steve did some excellent adlibbing to cover this up, saying it was expected of such old equipment etc. Steve interviewed Roger "Twiggy" Day in the studio and also later out on deck in front of all the visitors. "Twiggy" was also interviewed on Caroline by Clive Gerrarrd. I believe that the Caroline transmitter engineer Alan Beach was also interviewed by the Beeb, but unfortunately I missed this.

I visited the Ross on Saturday, during the time that Pirate BBC Essex was broadcasting and I took some photographs featuring what was going on with both this radio station and Caroline. You can see 18 of the photographs that I took on this web site. The BBC have also put some pictures on their own site at https://www.bbc.co.uk/essex/pirate/gallery1_05.shtml

Steve Szmidt, Ashford, Kent, England.

PS. If anyone has an MP3 recording of the whole of the Pirate BBC Essex broadcast on Saturday 26th March 2005, 14.00 to 18.00 hours, please contact me as I would be interested in receiving a copy.


Click on the pictures to enlarge:

Open for Business

Legend Lives On Banner

Pirate BBC Essex Uplink Rig

Pirate BBC Essex Uplink Rig viewed from the Ross Revenge

Steve Scruton interviews Roger Day

On lookers to Roger Day being interviewed by Steve Scruton including Peter Moore, Jim Ross & Alan Beech

Dave Foster showing visitors around the Ross Revenge

Ian Wyatt, Steve Scruton & Tim Gillet Pirate BBC Essex

Ian Wyatt, Steve Scruton & Tim Gillet Pirate BBC Essex

Jim Ross in the Record Library

Clive Gerrard on air in the new Caroline studio

Clive Gerrard getting ready to interview Roger Day

Roger Day Interview with Clive Gerrard

Roger Day Interview with Clive Gerrard

Optimod etc in main Caroline Studio

Tea Time in the galley for Caroline fans John Gleeson, Roz Wood & Chris Mould

Tony Christian & Singer Nick Barnes

Myself, Ross Volunteer Pete Anderson, with John Gleeson & Roz Wood from Birmingham


All pictures were taken by Steve Szmidt.







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