The Radio Caroline South East Meeting

Tuesday 20th November 2001



Tony Christian with onlooker Rega Steve


1st item of the auction(Radio Africa single) held by meeting organiser Barry Crompton


Bob Le-Roi (middle) with friends Frank Ross and Howard Barker


Mick Kean and Wendy Lewarne from Canterbury with items successfully bid for


Trevor Thorowgood (supporter from Dartford) helps Barry Crompton prepare the raffle tickets


The Caroline sales shop (note the use of the baby's high chair!)


Tony Christian in action


Close of Tony Christian


Graham & Joanna Winning from Birchington with items they successfully bid for


Caroline Dave Fox collects a raffle prize


Wendy Lewarne collects her raffle price of a cassette deck from Barry Crompton


Singer Edwina Hayes with onlookers Tony Christian & Rega Steve


Singer Edwina Hayes


Edwina Hayes with Caroline DJ's (left to right) Dave Fox, Tony Christina and Rega Steve


All pictures taken by Steve Szmidt





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